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January 30, 2013
BodyArmor SuperDrink

BodyArmor, the SuperDrink that provides SUPERIOR NUTRITION and HYDRATION is making big moves.  They've signed on a SUPERTEAM of young athletes, which include one MLB and four NFL superstars.  Mike Trout, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 2012 MLB rookie of the year award winner is arguably the best player in baseball since Babe Ruth.  Many have this 21 year old phenom destined for the record books.  The NFL players include Lesean McCoy (Philadelphia Eagles), Rob Gronkowski (New England Patriots), Ray Rice (Baltimore Ravens), and Jason Pierre-Paul (New York Giants).  The SUPERTEAM has been right on so far, with Rice and Gronkowski's respective teams meeting up in the AFC Championship game.  When it came down to it Rice's team came out on top which earned them a trip to New Orleans to play in the 2013 Super Bowl.  All five athletes chose to sign on with BodyArmor because of the superior nutrition and hydration qualities the drink offers.  So next time you step foot onto that field, or into that boardroom remember to choose BodyArmor.

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